Principal Investigator

  • Principal Investigator

Former Students

  • Graduate Student
303 E Lewis Laboratory
My passion in life has always been to be an Educator/ Teacher of higher learning and a Research Scientist. It’s my belief that society is declining because minds are not transformed, hence it is my vision to educate young minds and to develop in...
  • Summer 2019 Graduate Student
  • 2019 RARE Student
  • 2019-2021 Physics REU Student
Kemal Aziz was one of the Physics REU students. He was in our group in 2019 and came back again in 2020. He has a passion for computational materials modeling using many ab initio methods. He is passionate about how today's research in fundamental...
  • Graduate Student
I am currently studying the phenomenon of Anderson localization and exploring the relationship between disorder and spin-orbit coupling in disordered systems.
  • 2019 RARE Student
  • 2019 REU Student
  • Currently, a graduate student at University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)

Current Students

  • Graduate Student
Anthony, a PhD student specializing in condensed matter physics, is keenly invested in exploring the behaviors of solid-state systems through advanced many-body techniques. His research is predominantly centered around studying the properties of strongly...
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr. Gour Jana is an accomplished theoretical physicist specializing in condensed matter physics, focusing particularly on many-body physics. His areas of expertise encompass the Mott transition, high-temperature superconductivity, Kondo effect, and...