Kemal Aziz

2019-2021 Physics REU Student

Kemal Aziz was one of the Physics REU students. He was in our group in 2019 and came back again in 2020. He has a passion for computational materials modeling using many ab initio methods. He is passionate about how today's research in fundamental physics will be the basis of future technology. In his future studies, he also hopes to explore different topics in theoretical physics such as quantum information and high-energy physics. He is very hard working and has gained a lot of research experience, which is unusual for an undergraduate student. His hard work earned him a first author in one of our recent works entitled "Electronic and vibrational spectroscopy of miscible MgO–ZnO ternary alloys" published in the premier journal, Journal of Applied Physics. You can read more about this work at He is passionate about science and plans to pursue a PhD after his undergraduate studies.

Kamal is currently a graduate student at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey