Gour Jana

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr. Gour Jana is an accomplished theoretical physicist specializing in condensed matter physics, focusing particularly on many-body physics. His areas of expertise encompass the Mott transition, high-temperature superconductivity, Kondo effect, and Anderson transition. To address the intricate nature of many-body problems, Dr. Jana utilizes advanced numerical methods such as the dynamical mean-field theory (DMFT). He has made notable contributions to the field by independently modifying a semi-analytical quantum impurity solver, the local moment approach, within the DMFT framework, and illustrating its superiority over other contemporary impurity solvers.

Dr. Jana's research has further delved into the study of transport and optical properties of the disordered Anderson-Hubbard model. With his vast knowledge and experience, Dr. Jana has made significant advancements in the field of theoretical physics and is a valued member of the scientific community.