Current Students

  • Graduate Student
  • Lee Graduate Fellow
Srihari Kastuar is a PhD student and a theoretical physicist with a keen interest in the study of two-dimensional solid-state systems, specifically transition metal dichalcogenides and perovskites. His research is centered on computational modeling of...
  • Graduate Student
Yongtai is a PhD student with a great interest in investigating material characteristics at the nanoscale level. His research has focused on the behavior of strongly correlated 2D-based materials. Yongtai is researching the impact of native random...
Chidi is a PhD student studying the properties of highly correlated matter, specifically frustrated quantum magnets in 2D materials, which can exhibit exotic behavior. He is also interested in investigating the topological phases presented by 2D...

Former Students

  • STEM-SI Student
Max is a STEM-SI fellow and work with Professor Ekuma in collecting data on properties of materials. His main task is to write a machine learning algorithm in python and find correlations in the data, and to predict the behavior/properties of the...
  • Graduate Student
  • Graduated with MSc
Currently developing a tool to explore and study stress-strain relationship in material deformation for 1D materials